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Did you know that you’ll loose much of your app users within a month?

The major reason for app uninstalls are beyond the control of the app publisher.

But you can overcome all these issues with conversational apps.

Power your business with Conversational Apps

Convert your visitors to buyers

Create superior engagement with your customers

Interactive way to address customer grievances

Intuitive way to create more sales

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Revolutionary bots powered by

If you got a dollar when ever powered bots conversed with it's users, that's how much you'll have now !

larynxBot powered by uses advanced natural language processing to summarise the given online content into voice. Capable of speaking in 30 languages and in emojis! Available on Facebook’s Messenger, Twitter, Telegram & Slack, a testament for’s seamless multi platform capabilities.
ATMBot powered by served thousands of users in real time to find nearest ATMs with cash. ATMBot helped ease the fallout during Indian demonetisation and was widely appreciated. Since powering ATMBot is highly scalable, it serves thousands of users seamless across the world.


At present rate of AI, there cannot be a single boxed solution which fits all your requirements and hence we at develop customised conversational apps powered by our reliable time-tested architecture at zero development cost ! We don’t use any of those one-size-fits-all solutions, so that we can build you innovative bots which you can depend upon.

Zero development cost !


For simple conversations
  •  10 standard conversations.
  •  Unlimited number of users.
  •  Unlimited number of messages.
  •  1000 simultaneous users.
  •   50 concurrent messages.
  •   512MB database storage.

You can add additional packs to your plan as and when needed, e.g if you can use 2 x PROFESSIONAL PACKS to create 20 advanced conversations (or) you can even mix STANDARD & PROFESSIONAL PACKS together.

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