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ICR is the R&D platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning and Data Science of Timebender Technologies.

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Revolutionary bots powered by ICR.ai

If you got a dollar when ever ICR.ai powered bots conversed with it's users, that's how much you'll have now & counting !

FindDate is the Fastest and Safest way to find a Date!

larynxBot powered by ICR.ai uses advanced natural language processing to summarise the given online content into voice. Capable of speaking in 30 languages and in emojis! Available on Facebook’s Messenger, Twitter, Telegram & Slack, a testament for ICR.ai’s seamless multi platform capabilities.

ATMBot powered by ICR.ai served thousands of users in real time to find nearest ATMs with cash. ATMBot helped ease the fallout during Indian demonetisation and was widely appreciated. Since ICR.ai powering ATMBot is highly scalable, it serves thousands of users seamlessly across the world.

MonitorBot powered by ICR.ai delivers realtime network information in an intuitive way on Cisco Spark.

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